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Infra –Structural Facilities

All the required infra structural facilities are carefully planned and developed to ensure that they support the aims and objectives of the school.

a) Campus
The school campus is very carefully laidout and aesthetically developed. It will have all the required infra – structural facilities for a modern hitech school, catering for academic excellence and overall personality development of students. Main academic block, Huge Dinning, Sufficient open spaces for sports, Medidation and well laid-out gardens and lawns is provided to enchance the beauty of the campus.

b) Main Academic Block
This is the hub-centre of school activities. It has the following: Spacious, airy and well-lit class-rooms, well equipped labs-includes Computer labs besides normal labs of science subjects, facilities for conducting hobby classes and work-experience activities, sufficient toilets for Boys and Girls Separately, drinking water fountains.

c) Administrative Block
A separate administrative block will have stores, administrative offices etc.

d) Power Supply
The school has arrangements for stand by power-supply to run the essential services catering for the needs of the students. The campus will have adequate security arrangements to ensure safety and security of the students.

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